High School Hypnosis Shows!

Its that time of year again!

Planning is starting for another year of events, and you don't want to miss out on getting the best show for your school!

All of our High School events are tailored to the school and can be themed!

A new year of graduating Seniors are getting ready to emerge into the world. Keep them safe this year with the only first class High School Graduation show  in the US!

Our dates  book up fast so watch the Video and send us a booking request! Let us amaze you this year!

Clean material & safety is a huge concern for today's School event's. Make sure your entertainer is Safe on Stage Certified..




When you book The Hypnosis Company this is what happens.

If we are providing sound for your event we come in early and set up, working carefully to minimize cord exposure or other obstacles that could possibly harm your students.

If you or your DJ service is providing sound, we still come in early to minimize any cord or obstacle exposure.

We will set (stage permitting) upwards of 60 chairs on your stage.

Test sound.

Set props.

Set Video. (We video tape every show. Souvenir DVD's are made available for 30.00 a piece)

Rock the house down with the most amazing Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show in America!!!


To book the Hypnosis Company for your next event please email

 JJhypnotist@gmail with your event details. or use our booking request form



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