Top 20 check list


  • Always Video Tape your show

I.E. Contract stipulation that all shows are videotaped.

  • Checklist your stage

walk your stage, check for sharp edges, protrusions, uneven or unstable platforms, electrical hazards,  other obstructions

  • Remove any cords or obstructions if possible

  • Use duct or gaffing tape on exposed cords


  • When calling for volunteers word your suggestions to avoid anyone currently under medical supervision.

This includes Pregnant women or any other infirm individuals

  • Make volunteers aware of stage edging Speakers or other obstructions

  • Tell all volunteers that they are to use the stairs at all times

  • Use assistants or spotters if available

  • Use the seat-belt suggestion or other direct suggestion to prevent people falling out of their chairs.

  • Make your wording so that they respond only to your suggestions or those people specifically designated by you  and no one else

  • Word your induction to prevent  non responsiveness

  • Avoid using highly intoxicated individuals as volunteers

  • Avoid phobic based / Fear based suggestions

Suggestions such as there are spiders, rats, insects, mice, snakes, crawling on the floor or other highly phobic suggestions

  • Maintain content at appropriate age level

G, PG, PG 13, R 


  • Arrange suggestions to prevent blue language in family shows

  • Always enforce a no hitting no throwing no inappropriate touching rule

  • Off mike abreactive volunteers

An abreactive volunteer is someone who is acting strangely sometimes upset or argumentative and always disruptive to the show

  •  Maintain control of your audience and volunteers at all times
  •  Strobe lights:  always use an advance warning that a strobe light will be used in ANY show and give audience members time enough to either leave or to take actions that will allow them to avoid its effects should they be sensitive to them.

  • The Human Bridge / Full Body Catalepsy

Currently due to claims issues is a prohibited routine !